My travel wish list


My bucket list. My travel wish list


Personally I am not a fan of the term ‘bucket list’. Although I am an organised person who adores list making and checking things off, I do not like this list. To me, it is a term which can only cause sadness instead of the joy most people associate it with. What if one day I am on my deathbed with a huge list of things I dreamt of doing but never got around to? One thing I do not want is a list of regrets, I want a life filled with happiness! What if I finish the list, does that mean I am ready to kick the bucket? Well of course not! So instead of a bucket list, I instead have composed a travel wish list of dreams yet to come true. This is a list of things I wish to do but it is not the end of the world if I don’t get around to all of them, and I can add to it as I go along! Some of these I have even completed whilst writing this list!


Visit Magnetic Island in Australia

Visit Bolivian Salt Flats

√ Snorkel with tropical fish

Swim with turtles

Swim with rays

√ See wild penguins

Take a selfie with a quokka

√ Walk with elephants

√ See wild kangaroos

See wild koalas

See a wild wombat

Hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu

Do a tour of Croatia’s waterfalls

Learn to ski

Do a roadtrip in America

See the Hollywood sign

Visit New York

See the Statue of Liberty

Have a picnic in Central Park

Go on an African safari

See wild bears

Visit Yosemite

Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef

√ See Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House

Go to Germany in Oktoberfest

Visit Iceland and don’t lose your photos this time!

See the Northern Lights

Visit the pyramids of Egypt

Visit Pompeii

Climb a mountain

Visit Greece

See more of Spain

Watch a beautiful sun set

See a platypus

See wild whales

Swim with whales

Swim with whale sharks

See dolphins surf bow waves of a boat

See a dugong

Visit the Great Wall of China

Visit Japan in cherry blossom season

See the snow monkeys in Japan’s hot springs

Visit the Taj Mahal

Do a cooking class in India

Visit Niagara Falls

Visit Venice

Visit Hawaii

Stay in a sea bungalow and swim in the crystal clear water

Be a tourist at Hobbiton

Visit Easter Island

Go white water rafting

Learn to surf

Visit Morocco

See sloths in Costa Rica



What do you have on your travel wish list?



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