BB bunkers hostel review


On arrival

The man at the front desk who checked us in was friendly and efficient, giving us our electronic bracelet to get in and showing us how to use it. He showed us where the bathrooms, our bed and the movie room were, and how to turn on the hot water for the showers.







I stayed in a double pod which cost £15 per night, down from £19. This consisted of a double bed, a small safe, 2 plugs, a small light and a mirror. The hostel itself is rather small and has an abnormal layout. It is definitely classed as open plan as the reception desk is by the entrance with a small kitchen area and open to around 30 beds with half-wall dividers between sections. There is also a movie room in this open plan area. This means that anyone checking in/out, using the common areas or the security guard can disturb the guests who may be trying to sleep. This layout is not ideal, however is acceptable for a budget hostel.




Less than a minute walk from Damai Beach, a sand beach with large boulders at one end. This beach was nice to spend time on, and we even saw a great sunset over the sea. The Sarawak Cultural Village was less than a 5 minute walk away. The hostel is located within a complex called Damai Central with 2 restaurants/bars, a small shop, a 7-11, and there are plenty of activities for children. It seems like the complex is aimed at families with young children as there are toys, arcade-style games and even a couple bouncy castles for children to use.




The hostel has ‘dorm rooms’, double pods and family rooms available. The dorm rooms consist of 5 beds next to one another separated from the corridor by a curtain. This definitely lacks privacy, and I am glad we had a double pod rather than the dorm beds. The bathrooms are at each end of the hostel, with a total of 2 toilets and around 5 showers. The bathrooms are clean and the showers are good (great pressure and even had a large shelf to put your clothes). However the big drawback for me is that there is a door to outside which is a grated door. This means that any creepy-crawlies can easily get in. Unfortunately the padlock was also not used during our stay so that the door was not even locked. There is a security guard at the reception desk all night however I did not feel safe because of this security issue. It seemed pointless to have an electronic bracelet to get into the entrance if the back door was always unlocked.




As mentioned, there is a small kitchen area. This includes a table and chairs, microwave, sink and small fridge which can all be used by the guests at BB bunkers. The highlight of this hostel, in my opinion, is the movie room. There is a large sofa and a number of beanbags, a TV and a huge selection of DVDs to choose from. We spent our evening in here quite comfortably watching a few films. If the hostel was busier though, I do think this area would be too small.


I do have to mention an incident that occurred during our stay at BB bunkers. During the evening of our first night in the hostel I noticed a huge scorpion on the wall by the bed below ours! I told a member of staff and he came and eventually got rid of it (with my help) after saying this has never happened before and he didn’t know what to do! We were originally given 2 nights stay here, however, after spending the night tossing and turning dreaming about scorpion stings, we decided we could no longer stay here due to this lack of security. I believe this incident would have been 100% avoidable if there was a secure door with no gaps in it to outside in the bathroom.


Because of this incident I have to be honest and say I would not be happy returning to this hostel. Even if the back door was replaced and the hostel was secure, I would still personally not return as I feel that the location did not provide anything for a younger adult to enjoy. If you are a budget backpacker with no/few valuables looking to spend the night nearby to the Sarawak Cultural Village, and you like close encounters with wildlife then you may have a more enjoyable stay here than myself!


My 2 nights stay at BB bunkers were complimentary, however all opinions remain my own and were obviously not influenced by this sponsorship.



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